Hyphen8d (hyphen8d) wrote in socal__artists,

Today is the day for One Day at a Time!

Glider - One Day at a Time

Everyone at The Gaia Project is pleased to announce the pre-sale availability of Glider's debut full length: One Day at a Time.

Two years, nine drummers, and ten tracks later the debut full length album One Day At A Time delves into the minds and hearts of listeners. Each track pulls out memories long since forgotten of dreams and days gone by. The heavily delayed and densely reverberated soundscapes are melded with dissonant background noise and are carefully crafted into an emotionally timeless experience. Throwing out all the rules, One Day At A Time delivers an array of sounds with an underlying theme of beauty, happiness, and experiential emotion.

Streaming samples of every track, artist profile with photos and much more can be seen at their profile and yes, you can order the release now for a January 7th availability for the affordable price of just $10. Happy holidays.
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