Hyphen8d (hyphen8d) wrote in socal__artists,

November Specials - New Lower Pricing!

Alright! The holiday season is starting and we're going to kick things off right here at the label. First off, we've added a new way to view band pictures which can be viewed in both Glider and Odelia's profile. Expect the other artists to switch to the new system soon, as well as each photo section broken down into albums so you navigate easier. As a November special we've also lowered the price of Ether Aura's very well received debut album Crash two whole dollars from $12.00 to $10.00. Remember that each order comes with a full package of goodies, special items and more.

There's more savings in store however! We're also lowering all our shipping costs by 50 cents as well. It may not seem like a lot, but we know how hard saving money can be this time of year and we just want to make it easier on you. With all our releases under $10 dollars now with promotional pricing any of our music would make a great gift. Explore the site and listen to high quality track samples, check out our artist profiles and let us know how we can serve you better! Keep an eye out for our monthly residency at Plush if you are local to LA/OC and watch out for FOUR new releases coming soon, including Glider, as well as Honeybreath and Odelia!
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