Hyphen8d (hyphen8d) wrote in socal__artists,

Honeybreath is Here!

We would like to officially announce the signing of Honeybreath to the label! I am very happy to have the chance to work with these amazing musicians, they are all very wonderful people and really have a great sound.

As they are a local label band, we have been attending their shows and providing any support we can. On temporary hiatus, they will be working with us on their debut full length, actually recording here at the house studio. Click 'read' to find out more!

Starting mid-month, Honeybreath will be at the house recording. You can bet their will be great takeout, lots of chatting on the deck between sessions and plenty of behind the scenes video and photos that will be posted to the website. Check out their profile for some older song samples and photos of the band. I have to get back to work doing some organizing and business stuff, so I'll head out and post again in a few days. Hope your Fall is coming along nicely :)
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