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Ether Aura Worldwide Release Set for August 20th

Orange County independent label The Gaia Project (http://www.thegaiaproject.com) is pleased to announce the worldwide release date for Ether Aura's debut full length album 'Crash'. Pre-orders are available via the The Gaia Project website and the price point is set at a very affordable $9.99 for a limited time only.

Co-owner and partner of the independent label, Matt Arevalo, had this to say:

"I am very pleased with how the album turned out, I am sure it will be a well received debut. I welcome anyone to come to the site, listen to samples, get some background information on both the band and the release. Take advantage of the limited time $9.99 online only price now before it's gone."

In addition to a fully packaged, professional recording, orders through the website come with additional items. Stickers, buttons, special surprises and for the first 250 orders, access to an exclusive track.

This is just a special announcement for our MySpace and LiveJournal friends. You can be sure much more information will be coming soon, including reviews, special events, promotions and more.

Visit http://www.thegaiaproject.com for more details!
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