Old Scratch (_old_scratch_) wrote in socal__artists,
Old Scratch

Calling all horror fans

Old Scratch's Voodoo Lounge is making it's debut at the Mercury Lounge in Goleta, this Saturday. This shindig blends electronic music, classic horror films, and a bit of black comedy to create a fun, spooky, and relaxed atmosphere. Our aim is to make this a monthly event. In an effort to keep things entertaining, I am in the process of beefing up my horror movie collection. So... I ask you, the potential guest, to tell me what you want. Are there any classic (or not-so-classic) fright flicks that you are just dying to see??? Let me know so that I can begin the process of sniffing out requests for films that I don't already have in my vast library of monsters and mayhem. I'm always on the lookout for rare gems of movies, the weirder and more horrific the better. Hit me with your favorites and I will seek them out.

For more info on the upcoming event, go to our temporary informational site (a better one is in the works). Leave movie requests in the comments section here, or email them to necrophonic666(at)yahoo.com.


- S-C-to-the-ratch
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